Getting Back to “Normal”

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Covid, caused many problems besides the obvious health crisis. Luckily we at Carrie's Fence never really stopped providing our services and just masked up, kept our distance, and followed guidelines. Our building departments in Brevard county also did their best to keep the permit process moving along, and we have had SO MANY happy customers along with on-time & on-budget installations! It has been a very busy year for us and without a hurricane! It almost felt like last March or so people were home and said might as well get to that new fence we talked about. We LOVE that, and are so happy we could consistently provide our great service for everyone in those tough times.
However, this year there bring a serious lack or delay in materials. Everyone has heard about lumber prices skyrocketing but it's not only lumber or price increases. There also are huge delays in the supply chain and it affects more than lumber for wooden fences, but Vynil, Metal, and other materials as well. This is not an instant thing but has been a growing problem in the industry, as these reports over the last number of months will show.
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NOT ONLY are there shortages & delays but, there was also a nearly constant price increase. We say that to inform you of the situation and also to maybe brag a little bit? So what this means is if we gave you a quote that you signed our price was given based on the price of materials at the time. Then went back to the office and placed an order for materials. Then we're told by our regular suppliers that they don't have enough stock. Weeks later when they are able to fulfill our/your order the price has gone up. Yes, we got no warning that the price has increased! So if we gave you a price based on $1,500- in materials and due to Covid and other factors your materials end up costing $2,000- or more... we are eating the extra cost.
Thankfully, these things are becoming less and less a factor in our daily operations, and for our client who did experience delays, we do apologize and thank you for understanding the situation is beyond our control. While the prices are coming back down there still are some transportation issues, but things are getting back to "Normal".

    Again we can install any type of fencing. Vinyl, Wood, Metal, Commercial, Residential and more.
We do serve the greater Melbourne Florida area. including, Melbourne, West Melbourne, Viera, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, Cocoa, and Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Malabar, Grant & Valkaria.
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