Wood fencing is an established choice for privacy, affordability, and overall client satisfaction it remains the most cost effective privacy fence available. Carrie’s Fence uses only quality wood to create your fence. We offer a selection of designs and have a professional on staff that can help you create a custom look for your fence.
Carrie’s Fence offers the following selection in pressure treated yellow pine wood:
Stockade: Constructed with no spaces between the pickets. We use a 1x6x6 picket, a 2x4x16 foot runner and a 4x4x8 post. All posts are set at 30” and in concrete. When constructing your fence, we like to suggest raising the pickets above the ground level 1-2” to help decrease the amount of water absorbed into the wood. By building the fence on site, we can follow any grade changes allowing the fence to be custom fitted for your yard. Stockade fence is the most economical of our wood fences. The disadvantage of the stockade fence is that it has a neighbor side (the good side) and your side is the post and rail side.
Shadow Box: popular for its good looks on both sides of the fence. It is called the “neighbor friendly” style that pleases both you and your neighbor. Some wind is allowed to pass through the spaces. As with the stockade fence, our shadow box fence is built using a 1x6x6 picket, a 2x4x16 runner and a 4x4x8 post. This style is more expensive as it uses more material. However, you and your neighbor are sure to be pleased with the fence once the job is done.
Board on Board: constructed for complete privacy and offers a more contemporary look. The pickets are arranged on the runners by placing a row spaced 3” apart on the 2×4 and then another row closing the gap. This style of wood fence is great for a yard with an open pool. As the same as the shadow box, board on board is more expensive due to the increased amount of material needed. The disadvantage of the board on board fence is that it has a neighbor side (the good side) and your side is the post and rail side.
Spaced Picket: popular with homeowners who want the “traditional” or “Huckleberry Finn” look for their yard. This fence is usually 4’ tall with picket spacing anywhere from 2 – 3 1/2”. This fence is built on site as well using a 2x4x16 runner and 4x4x8 post for added strength.